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October 28, 2008

Not Edwards Fault For The Miami Loss

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Bills Look To Go 6-2 When They Face The Jets At Home In Week 9

Bills Starting Quarterback Trent Edwards Looks To Take His Bills To A 6-2 Season Record When They Face The Jets At Home In Week 9. With A Win Against The Jets, Edwards And The Bills Look To Move Back Into First Place In The AFC East.

This passed Sunday, the Bills fall to a 5-2 record and out of first place in the the AFC East. They lost to the Miami Dolphins. They failed to squish the fish. Looking at the game again, it would look like it was all Edwards fault. I say no.

I put the blame on the o-line. Especially the lazy performance of Jason Peters. He let Joey Porter and other Dolphins go right in and cost Edwards two fumbles. You expect the guy to have eyes in the back of his head? Jason Peters took the easy way out by saying that he wanted a bailout in the offseason, but as soon as the regular season came along, Peters says, no, I just wanna play. Thats not pro bowl material, thats just amatuer. I thought we were doing just find with Kirk Chambers as our left tackle. As soon as Peters came back its been going down hill for the o-line since then. They let the opposing defenses roll right past em. My opinion ditch Peters for a couple of games like he ditched us, show him whats what. Then when he decides to commit to the team and put in 100 percent he can come back and start at left tackle.

Other then the interception, and the extention that Edwards tried on fourth down that ended up being a fumble, I really don’t blame him for the loss. The team as a whole played poorly. We had plenty of chances to get into the endzone and we failed.

Our defense failed to stop Chad Pennington. Cmon. When he was on the Jets, the guy was nothing for six years, he comes to a team that went 1-15 the previous year, and all of a sudden he’s a superstar. ITS CHAD PENNINGTON! HE SUCKS! Oh well I just hope that the Bills can rebound against the Jets next week. Were coming back home, were undefeated at home so far, so we should win (knock on wood).


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