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November 21, 2008

?My Name, What Does It Mean?

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Israel, 10th Century BC. King David takes command of Israel; the Israelites finally get their long awaited freedom. Although he was not the perfect person, he was the second greatest king ever in Israel’s history. King David, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it. Okay, you might have figured out by now, my name is David, but im no King of Israel, I wasn’t even named after him, but heh, its pretty cool to have the same name as a king, right?

No, I was named after my uncle David. He is from Connecticut. He comes from a great Italian family, goes back very far, come to find out, I come from the Italian mob, well sort of. Some of my early family roots come from the Italian mob. One in particular that I know for sure is my great great grandfather, Joseph Donnarummo. He was a member a one of the great Italian mobs, whose name is disclosed at this time, he was one of the great hit men for the leader of that mob, until he was murdered by one of the leaders other henchmen.

But, my roots aren’t only of the mob. I come from great Italian people who still live great Italian lifestyles. I have an aunt down in Connecticut, she’s 87! An uncle that is 91! They still make their own wine!

To more closer family roots, my family that lives here has two sides, and believe me, you can tell. There are the Fosters, which is my real last name, my dads side, the Irish side. Then there are the Donnarummo’s, my mom’s side, the Italians. Sometimes I wish there were a little more Irish in me, but according to my grandparents, Italian is my heritage, no other. My moms side of the family is great, they share in great Italian customs and lifestyles and traditions. Its great, but sometimes I wish they would accept change, or more than one thing. My dads side of the family, they don’t really have that togetherness that an Italian lifestyle would have. Nevertheless, however, they do see each other, and when they do, they share their own traditions and styles of cooking which I could die for. Meat and potatoes, hell ya!

Getting back to my name, in my opinion, even though I have never gotten a straight answer from my parents, I feel it comes from many different aspects of history, family and biblical. I feel my name is special in its own unique way, and no one can take that feeling away from me. I wouldn’t trade my name for any other name in the world. My parents chose this name based on family, and I respect them for that, it wasn’t because I was named after King David that my name was chosen, but I respect my parents for choosing my name the way they did anyway. My name is very important I believe to the survival of my family heritage and the family itself, both Italian and Irish. I believe that my name will be carried on by my family for future generations, for the family, to them; David is a very important name in the family.

I really don’t think I share my name with many famous people accept David Blaine, and David Foster. David Blaine is a death stuntman, and street magician on the side. David Foster is my exact name that I share with a famous director, producer, and music producer.

Overall, I really enjoy my name, I was named after a family member, I am roots of the Italian mob, I have the same name as the Israeli King, and of some other famous people. That’s good enough for me, bottom line; I wouldn’t trade my name for any name in the world. I like David.


November 17, 2008

The American Dream

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What is the American Dream? A question that has been on peoples minds since America was founded. What is the perfect American Life, aka: the American Dream. Some may say, having millions of dollars, an awesome house, a brand new car, like a Benz or a Viper, anything you want, and the hottest wife you ever laid your eyes on. No wonder they call it a dream.

Some may say they want to find their soul mate, get into a nice cozy affordable house, and get a good job. After that, get a nice car and have kids, have a nice family and have that happily ever after type thing. That’s cool too. Others see the American Dream simply as getting a job, and getting through the week. To them, as long as they keep going, that’s more than a dream, that’s a miracle in itself.

As for me, the American Dream would be having a nice house, and a nice car. Have a lot of money, not millions, just enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life (at least a lot more than my parents), and to find the perfect girl to settle down with and have a family with. I would want to get a job coaching football, high school, college, eventually NFL, wouldn’t matter how long it took, as long as I would be doing a job that I loved and coaching a sport that I loved. To me that would be my idea of the American Dream.

Good house, good job, perfect wife, great family, and great life. Just getting by trying to get up to my dream is going to be a challange, but everyone including myself, if they put their minds to it, and if they commit to it hard enough, will be able to achieve their American Dream. I know that until I know it is literally impossible, I will never give up on my American Dream until the day I die.

November 4, 2008

!Bills Offensive Line Crumbling!

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Jason Petrs And The Bills Offensive Line Look To Get Back On Track Next Week Against The Patriots After Two Non Convincing Performances From The Bills Offensive Line

Jason Peters And The Bills Offensive Line Look To Get Back On Track Next Week Against The Patriots After Two Non Convincing Performances From The Bills Offensive Line

Well the Bills lost again this week and loose their undefeated streak at home. They lost to the New York Jets. Again, a lot of people would blame Trent Edwards for the lose because of all the offensive mistakes made by our starting quarterback, but I place the blame again on our struggling and crumbling offensive line.

Jason Peters taking his easy way out with a “holdout” having no playing experience in the offseason, the Bills staff chooses to start him, a cold player, who gave them a problem. I wouldn’t start him if he bribed me 10 million dollars. He is not a key to the teams success at all this year.

Count all the injuries to the o-line and to the rest of the team and we look like a team two years ago, not a team that started off 4-0. We can’t stop the run on defense, and we are struggling on all cylinders on offense. I really think we need to put back Kirk Chambers in the lineup at left tackle, he was doing just fine until they pulled him.

We need to play more aggressive offense, rather than dumping off the pass every time. We need to play shotgun more, instead of the I formation, so we give Trent Edwards more time in the pocket. He has a quicker release than Losman so he should be great, we jus need to play more agresive shotgun plays, and take more shots into the endzone.

We also need to play more aggressive defense. We let teams run all over us. We let running backs go right through us. Same with wide receivers. we got to put a lot more pressure on the quarterback, we need to cover tighter, and we need o stay zone for the run plays and for those shorter pass plays. Overall, the team is falling apart, especially the o-line, we need to get back on track, hopefully next week will be better. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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