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November 17, 2008

The American Dream

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What is the American Dream? A question that has been on peoples minds since America was founded. What is the perfect American Life, aka: the American Dream. Some may say, having millions of dollars, an awesome house, a brand new car, like a Benz or a Viper, anything you want, and the hottest wife you ever laid your eyes on. No wonder they call it a dream.

Some may say they want to find their soul mate, get into a nice cozy affordable house, and get a good job. After that, get a nice car and have kids, have a nice family and have that happily ever after type thing. That’s cool too. Others see the American Dream simply as getting a job, and getting through the week. To them, as long as they keep going, that’s more than a dream, that’s a miracle in itself.

As for me, the American Dream would be having a nice house, and a nice car. Have a lot of money, not millions, just enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life (at least a lot more than my parents), and to find the perfect girl to settle down with and have a family with. I would want to get a job coaching football, high school, college, eventually NFL, wouldn’t matter how long it took, as long as I would be doing a job that I loved and coaching a sport that I loved. To me that would be my idea of the American Dream.

Good house, good job, perfect wife, great family, and great life. Just getting by trying to get up to my dream is going to be a challange, but everyone including myself, if they put their minds to it, and if they commit to it hard enough, will be able to achieve their American Dream. I know that until I know it is literally impossible, I will never give up on my American Dream until the day I die.


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