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December 2, 2008

?Is All Hope Lost?

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One Of The Main Keys To A Successful Team, Quarterback, Jp Losman Is An Agressive Quarterback, One The Bills Should Take Advantage Of In The Lineup, Instead Of On The Bench

One Of The Main Keys To A Successful Team, Quarterback, Jp Losman Is An Agressive Quarterback, One The Bills Should Take Advantage Of In The Lineup, Instead Of On The Bench

It seems like just yesterday the Bills were at the top of the league with a record of 5-1. Well I guess that was just a dream. The reason why I say, is because, the Bills looked like they were going to achieve their dreams of making it to the playoffs. Well, the thing about dreams is they are not known to come true. Now, at 6-6, the Bills dreams look like they will be crushed at the hands of another loss and their playoff hopes will be lost for yet another year. Well I guess it was expected. The Bills are a team that are well used to this by now, and the city of Buffalo should be used to a team of losers by now. No matter how good the Bills do, they somehow manage to screw themselves out of the playoffs, every year, hasn’t changed no matter how they do it.

I really think I speak for the fans when I say, that it’s really getting old and the fans are really getting tired of the same outcome every year. Well my opinion is that it is not the players fault. It is the coaches that are supposed to be coaching them’s fault, and the front offices fault. They jolt all the players around, starter, backup, starter, backup, that no one feels safe or comfortable in any position on the team. Its ridiculious!!! Especially the Quarterback position. If you don’t like either Quarterback, then get rid of them both, instead of dumping them back and forth between who starts and who doesn’t. Do you have any idea what that does to a Quarterbacks confidence? It kills it.

I think the Bills need to make some serious changes this off season. Starting with the firing of Dick Jauron instead of extending his contract. He is so emotionless, he shows no concern for the game or the players for that matter. He’s a terrible coach. We need a real coach like Bobby April or John Fox, you know a little more yelling in the locker room, a little more encouragement from the coaching staff. We need an aggressive coach as well. We can’t have a conservative coach, but an aggressive staff, it don’t mix. We need better coaching. We also need to get back the services of Marv Levy. He brought some character to the game and to the Bills. We need a real GM. Or maybe get him as a REAL coach. Another thing we need that is just as important is we need an aggressive Quarterback.

Not that I don’t like Edwards, he has fantastic defensive read, and has great accuracy, but the reason why I am a Losman fan and always will be is because he is an aggresive player. We need to get the whole system on the same side in order to produce wins for the team, and points in games. Bottom line, Losman may not be the guy, Edwards may not be the guy, but we need to find “the guy” and quick. An aggressive Quarterback that has the ability to move the ball, has a great arm, great accuracy, and can read defenses. Then maybe the offense will produce some points and in turn get some wins. This offseason, the Bills have a lot of work to do, and based on this years sloppy performance so far, they better start ASAP, and don’t stop until ALL the kinks on the whole team are fixed. This football team can’t afford a bigger playoff drought then what thay already have. They need to get back on the board and get into the post-season.


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