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December 8, 2008

!Sell The Bills To Kelly! !Fire Jauron!

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Former Bills Quarterback And Hall Of Famer Jim Kelly Could Be The Savior Of The Bills If He Can Convince Current Owner Ralph Wilson To Sell Him The Team

Former Bills Quarterback And Hall Of Famer Jim Kelly Could Be The Savior Of The Bills If He Can Convince Current Owner Ralph Wilson To Sell Him The Team

I think it is safe to say that enough is enough in terms of the Bills. This is awful. A 5-1 team, top of the AFC East and at the top of the league, goes to a 6-7 record, now 19th in the league, or the bottom half. Awful, absolutly awful. The Bills need to fire Jauron now while their team still has some dignity. I respect Jauron as a person, but as a coach he should stick to a defensive coordinator, because he sucks as a head coach. His record shows and his recent ability to take this team to the playoffs and to even win shows as well. He is awful.

Another thing the Bills have to do is sell, sell, sell!!! Ralph Wilson is so senial. He has no clue what he is doing, and the teams best interest is at the least of his concerns, he just wants the money. But what the hell is he gonna do with it, he’s ninety years old!!! He probably retire from the Bills and die the day after. He has to sell and not to Toronto. That was another big mistake, selling the team rights over to Toronto. That was a horrible move. Now if he doesn’t sell the team before he dies, the team will go on open market and favor Toronto, because they have the billions upon billions to bid with.

The Bills best bet for the future in terms of staying in Buffalo, would be if Ralph Wilson sells the team to Jim Kelly. He I believe would make a great owner. He is young, a former Bills player, great with the team, attends all of the home games, and he would steer the team in the right direction toward the playoffs and eventually even further. He would be the best choice. I heard that there have been talks, and Ralph Wilson even said that he would be willing to sell the team to Kelly in order to keep the team in Buffalo, then why haven’t you done it yet you big DUMBIE!!! I think I speak for everyone, when I say I don’t want to see a franchise that has been here for the past forty years that has been apart of the community for so long, apart of Buffalo for so long, just pack up and move to Toronto. Well, I guess all Buffalo fans can do is just watch and pray that thier team stays here, and hope for the good outcome. C’MON JIM KELLY CONVINCE THAT OLD MAN AND BUY OUR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!! GO JIM!!!!!!!


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