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January 20, 2009

Losman Could End Up As A Detroit Lion

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Quarterback Jp Losman Looks To Start Off Fresh On Another Team As He Enters This Off-Season As An NFL Free Agent

Quarterback Jp Losman Looks To Start Off Fresh On Another Team As He Enters This Off-Season As An NFL Free Agent

Well it is 14 days before the Super Bowl. That means that the Monday after the big game, resigning and free agency pick up will begin for teams across the NFL. However Bills Quaterback Jp Losman has other plans for his future. After constant pressure of being kicked out of the starting Quarterback position, and constant critisism from the people of Buffalo, Jp Losman is saying no to another year of stress and disaster in Buffalo.

Losman, after finishing up a 24 million dollar contract thisd year will offically become a free agent this offseason. A lot of people say that Losman will not be reconized upon in the free agency because his lack of “talent” he showed on the Bills as their starting Quarterback, but I believe that Losman will be reconized as a future leader or at least a backup to many teams across the NFL.

His best bet for Quarterbacking in the future however may have to come smaller than the Buffalo Bills. I’m  talking the Detroit Lions. Once they sign a coach that will commit to the team and stay loyal to their Quarterback andf to their offense, and stay on the aggresive side of the ball, I believe it would be the best fit for Losman.

Despite the fact that they recently signed Dante Caulpepper, I believe if given the chance, Jp Losman would win the starting job in Detroit over Caulpepper. I believe that even though he would not have the reciever in Lee Evans anymore on Detroit, he would come to love the great recieving ability of Calvin Johnson. He is very tall, so he could extend his hands over most cornerbacks, and he has great receiving hands and can run fairly quick. I think Losman and Calvin Johnson would go great together on hail mary routes, in other words, Losman’s favorite pass.

In equivlant to taking another good receiver as a first pick in the draft, and establishing an offensive line that you can be proud of and a tight end that can catch and run with the ball, and finally, coaches that actually know what they are doing, I believe Losman and the Detroit Lions would be the best fit for a promising career, the team just has to come together and play smarter more aggrsive football.


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