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January 26, 2009

?Runner, What Do I Think?

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The Book I Am Currently Reading, Runner

The Book I Am Currently Reading, Runner

Recently in our senior English Class, we have started a new project, per say, we have each chosen a book of our own to read, then when we are done reading it, at the end of the unit, we have to do a write up on this book. We tell our thoughts on the book, would we recommend the book to anyone, and whether it was an all around good book or not.The book I chose was Runner.

Runner is the story of a troubled teenager named Chance, who lives on a boat with his drunken father. Now a lot of the kids think that because Chance lives aon a boat, that it is this huge lot with a huge deck, with a bunch of lounge chairs and the whole nine yards. Everyone in school thinks Chance is rich. The only one who knows he isn’t is Chance himself. The boat isn’t pardise at all. It is a small, old, crappy boat that is about 30 feet long with barely any space for the two of them and has just enough food for Chance to live off of. There is a deck, Chances father is always on it, getting drunk, all night with some kind of drink. It s anything but paradise.

Chance has problems at school as well. The school bully, back when he was in school, Brent Miller, had returned, but as a guest speaker, and as a soldier. Chance was looking to pick a fight with him, but backed down. He wanted to pay him back for all the wrong that he did to him, especially when he shoved Chances head down a toilet of wizz and crap. He had also come to defend one of the girls in his class, a girl named Melissa.

Melissa had a few screws lose, but she expressed her own opinion, and Chance one day favored that opinion. There is not much on them yet, but I believe they will eventually end up together, somehow.

What I think of this book is, it displays the life of a troubled teenager in high school. It is an attractive book to readers our age (17-18), because somehow, most of us have been through what Chance is going through right now. Whether it is a broken home, or problems at school, we are all like Chance in some way. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future of this book.


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