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February 8, 2009

Easy Money

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Chance Accepts The Job Offer From The Marine Man In Hopes To Obtain Easy Money For Himself And His Dad

Chance Accepts The Job Offer From The Marine Man In Hopes To Obtain Easy Money For Himself And His Dad

The book that I have been reading Runner, has been very good so far since the cover, but one topic that i found very eye-catching and at the same time, questionable is when Chance is asked to run for easy money by the marine guy at the boat harbor. Chance is told to take a backpack and pick up paqckages on occasion and just continue running, then when done, drop them off at the boat harbor.

What I find questionable about the whole thing is a couple of points. First what Chance had said, is it drugs, or is it just routine business. Second, why would he take it upon a simple kid really to do this rather important job for him. If its that im portant why doesn’t the marine guy do it himself. Sounds like he can use the excersise. Besides if Chance slips up at all, I see a b ig problem strirring up between the two.

What I find interesting is the job offer, the amount of money Chance is being offered to do this job, and what Chance intends to do with this money. I am very interested to see what Chance does with the kind of money he is getting, whether he’ll save it, spend it on a decent meal, or just give it to his father. Overall its peaked my interest. I’m also very interested to see along with taking the job offer whether Chance will benefit from this job or if it will just run him down a road to trouble. Chance has not had the best of luck lately, hopefully with this new offer flaming on his door step, it will benefit for him and his dad.

Who knows, maybe with his somewhat new found fortune, Chance will take out that Melissa girl that he has been hanging out with. What better way to get closer to a friend?


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