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April 10, 2009

“The Final Chapter”

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Even Though This Is A Depition Painted Back In The 1700's, Suicide Is One Of The World's Biggest Problems Today, Over 200 Years Later, In 2009. What Is The Solution To Such A Terrible Epidemic?

Even Though This Is A Depiction Painted Back In The 1700's, Suicide Is One Of The World's Biggest Problems Today, Over 200 Years Later, In 2009. What Is The Solution To Such A Terrible Epidemic?

Suicide. It has become an epidemic among American teenagers in today’s society. Suicide, (Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the intentional taking of one’s own life. Definition wise, in simplest of terms, it means to kill yourself. But what causes our American teenagers to dip to the turning point where they feel they have to take their own lives.

Well, take a look at some of the problems that teenagers face in life, and you may find a clean cut answer. Parents always say, “oh, you have it so much easier than we did”, most of the time, that isn’t necessarily true. Teenagers today are faced with a lot of pressure.

School has gotten a lot harder, thus teens feel they are put under more pressure to succeed, resulting in most failing their grades, or some just giving up and dropping out of high school all together.

Bullying is also a MAJOR issue that is linked to suicide. Parents say they used to get picked on, and they dealt with it, fine, but now a days, you have technology, like the internet, cell phones, and other sources to get bad rumors spread about you. It may only be words, but it can really hurt someone, and link to them committing suicide.

Dating is also a big thing that could navigate to a guy or girl to take their own life. If one party in the relationship believes that they are in love with the other person, but yet the other person doesn’t feel the same way, that person could get crushed inside. He or she could be filled with so much heartache, they may see no other alternative but to end their life. Just imagine how the other party would feel once that happened, they would be broken as well, thinking it was their fault, but really it wasn’t, the person was just troubled and lost in the world. In most suicide cases involving dating, the person who had killed himself/herself, was using dating/love as a way out of other problems they may have in their life, and when that person leaves them, they see no way out of that troubled life, but to end it.

We have covered all school aspects toward suicide, which are all important mind you, but the most important aspect that leads teens toward suicide today I believe is a broken home. If a teen has to deal with abuse and neglect at school, where he/she is bullied, and no one will bother to pay attention or listen to them, then come home to the same abuse and neglect with their parents, it leads to things like that to happen. These things at home could include physical abuse by the parent, sexual abuse if it is your daughter, or simple neglect/ignoring your child. Simply ignoring your child’s needs can lead them down to rebelling and dangerous paths. Examples, changes in clothing styles, changes in friends, surroundings, drugs, sex, always out with friends, always on the computer, or it could lead to eventually suicide if neglected and abused enough. My opinion, a broken home is the leading cause to suicide today. There are other reasons, but these are some main points.

What parents and teachers need to do, is start to listen to teens and hear what they have to say. Instead of punishing them all the time, to make the situation worse, mind you sometimes action is the way to go, the only way. We need to start listening though. If a child comes up to a principal or a teacher and tells them they feel horrible and are on the break of suicide, instead of ta telling to the nearest person about it and getting that student in trouble, actuaaly listen to what the student has to say. It helps when they have someone to talk to because they may not have that kind of refuge at home. Together, we can help save teens everywhere, just lend out a helping hand.


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