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July 1, 2009

!!Long Live Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop!!

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!!The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson!!

!!The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson!! 1958-2009

1958-2009. A short life for a very gifted and talented man. Michael Jackson in the worlds and my image was the true king of hip hop and pop music. From the time he began as a young child singing classics such as the ABC, and Ben with his group of brothers known as the Jackson Five, to the prime of his career when the greatest selling album of all time came out, known as Thriller. He displayed some of the greatest songs of all time, such as Billie Jean, Beat It, and of course, Thriller. To this day, the album has sold more than 100 million copies!!

Through all the false scandals and despite what Michael did with his skin and his health issues. Mind you I’m not being racist against anyone, but he was better looking and much more “normal” as a black man. No matter what obstacles Michael has been through, he still managed to keep the world entertained with his amazing music and help it at the same time. He loved children. He used to say, that he would see God in their eyes. Michael also loved animals, he had a pet monkey named Bubbles. He had his own private zoo as well.

Overall, despite a rough childhood, Michael was just a lovable guy all around, everywhere you went he spread his care and love to everyone, through himself and through his music. I am certain that as a die hard Michael Jackson fan, that there will never be another person quite like him. Not a better pop king, nor a better dancer, or singer. Michael was it. All I have to say is, teach Jesus how to do the moonwalk Michael, you are home in heaven now. Rest in Peace. You legacy and spirit will always live on here on earth, through your music, and your beloved fans!!

!!Long Live Michael Jackson, The King Of Pop!!


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