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February 24, 2009


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Chances Father Faced The Worst Death Possible, When He Came In Contact With Deadly Terrorists With Ultimatly Cost Him His Boat, And His Life

Chances Father Faced The Worst Death Possible, When He Came In Contact With Deadly Terrorists With Ultimatly Cost Him His Boat, And His Life

Well just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for poor old Chance, it did. The ending, struck me more as sad then exciting as I thought it might have at first. Just as Chance thought he was helping he was helping his poor family, he goes to figure out that the stuff he has been picking up is not what he seems. It is not drugs, it is explosive and defensive equipment for terrorists that he is picking up, that the marine guy has gotten Chance in on. Terrorism!! Chance knows that he got into the wrong business and immeadiatly goes for help, but by the time help arrives, the terrorists are already at his boat trying to find him, but instead they find his father. Two terrorists get on board and try to kill him but he is able to fight them off, but when he heads off below deck…..BOOM!! The boat explodes with his father inside, his father never made it out and he was blown to the ends of the earth.

As a result of his fathers tragic death, Chance finds refuge with Melissa and her father, and he comes to live with them for a while. This is where I begin to think that something was going to happen betweeen the two of them. I was wrong. Rather than taking her in, and settling down with a girl that he knows he has feelings for, and I believe he knows she has feelings for him too, he dumps his chance at love, and joins the army.

My opinion,  after all that had happend to Chance, I believe that the book deserved a more just ending than this. At least better than this. Why dump a girl you know you care about, and a chance to be happy for once in yor life. Oh well, I guess Chance will never know. This concludes Runner. Thanks for reading.


February 9, 2009

Chance vs. Melissa

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!!!!!!!In The Blue Corner Chance, And In The Pink Corner Melissa, Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!In The Blue Corner Chance, And In The Pink Corner Melissa, Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!!!!!

Somehow and someway, we all grow up. No matter how weird or stupid or funny we act as kids or teenagers, we all grow up eventually and turn into adults. Certain events our in each of our lives that cause us to turn on the light bulb and say, heh its time to grow up. Whether its a move to a new town, whether its going from having it good to going poor, or to having a death in the family, something of the sort happens to us that gets our attention.

In the book Runner, Chance and Melissa, our two main characters have events happen to them that cause them to them which cause them to grow up, but each in a different way, seeing they both come from different backgrounds, or different lifestyles of family. Chance lives on a boat, has an alcoholic dad with no job, and has to live off barely any food, and he already has a job. Melissa on the other hand, she has a dad who is rich and has a job, she probably has enough food to last her a lifetime, and she could never find a job and still make it good because her family has it so good.

Chances changes occur with the events that have happened in his life so far. Based on the facts that he lives on a  boat and he barely has enough food to live on, it dawns on him to get a job. The fact he would not accept Melissa’s help for money, even though their dad’s are best friends, an adult probably would not want the help, he/she would probably be stuborn and tell them they will deal with the problem themselves, like Chance did with Melissa. A normal teenager however would have taken the help no questions asked.

Melissa as she matures I think she relizes that the world dosen’t revolve around her kind of people, the rich. Which is why she takes sympathy for all the people overseas at the war, thus during the Brent Miller discussion in the beginning of the book. She also agreed with Chance when it came to the discussion on the poor people busted their butts and taking all the heat for this country, instead of the rich taking more hits, the fact that its always the poor that are in trouble. She offered Chance assistance with his financial problems because of the situation that he is in. I believe that she is beginning to relize that just because she is rich, she doesn’t ahve to have the attitude of a snob, that she can help others less fortuanate than her. We will see how they both turn out as the book goes on.

February 8, 2009

Easy Money

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Chance Accepts The Job Offer From The Marine Man In Hopes To Obtain Easy Money For Himself And His Dad

Chance Accepts The Job Offer From The Marine Man In Hopes To Obtain Easy Money For Himself And His Dad

The book that I have been reading Runner, has been very good so far since the cover, but one topic that i found very eye-catching and at the same time, questionable is when Chance is asked to run for easy money by the marine guy at the boat harbor. Chance is told to take a backpack and pick up paqckages on occasion and just continue running, then when done, drop them off at the boat harbor.

What I find questionable about the whole thing is a couple of points. First what Chance had said, is it drugs, or is it just routine business. Second, why would he take it upon a simple kid really to do this rather important job for him. If its that im portant why doesn’t the marine guy do it himself. Sounds like he can use the excersise. Besides if Chance slips up at all, I see a b ig problem strirring up between the two.

What I find interesting is the job offer, the amount of money Chance is being offered to do this job, and what Chance intends to do with this money. I am very interested to see what Chance does with the kind of money he is getting, whether he’ll save it, spend it on a decent meal, or just give it to his father. Overall its peaked my interest. I’m also very interested to see along with taking the job offer whether Chance will benefit from this job or if it will just run him down a road to trouble. Chance has not had the best of luck lately, hopefully with this new offer flaming on his door step, it will benefit for him and his dad.

Who knows, maybe with his somewhat new found fortune, Chance will take out that Melissa girl that he has been hanging out with. What better way to get closer to a friend?

January 26, 2009

?Runner, What Do I Think?

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The Book I Am Currently Reading, Runner

The Book I Am Currently Reading, Runner

Recently in our senior English Class, we have started a new project, per say, we have each chosen a book of our own to read, then when we are done reading it, at the end of the unit, we have to do a write up on this book. We tell our thoughts on the book, would we recommend the book to anyone, and whether it was an all around good book or not.The book I chose was Runner.

Runner is the story of a troubled teenager named Chance, who lives on a boat with his drunken father. Now a lot of the kids think that because Chance lives aon a boat, that it is this huge lot with a huge deck, with a bunch of lounge chairs and the whole nine yards. Everyone in school thinks Chance is rich. The only one who knows he isn’t is Chance himself. The boat isn’t pardise at all. It is a small, old, crappy boat that is about 30 feet long with barely any space for the two of them and has just enough food for Chance to live off of. There is a deck, Chances father is always on it, getting drunk, all night with some kind of drink. It s anything but paradise.

Chance has problems at school as well. The school bully, back when he was in school, Brent Miller, had returned, but as a guest speaker, and as a soldier. Chance was looking to pick a fight with him, but backed down. He wanted to pay him back for all the wrong that he did to him, especially when he shoved Chances head down a toilet of wizz and crap. He had also come to defend one of the girls in his class, a girl named Melissa.

Melissa had a few screws lose, but she expressed her own opinion, and Chance one day favored that opinion. There is not much on them yet, but I believe they will eventually end up together, somehow.

What I think of this book is, it displays the life of a troubled teenager in high school. It is an attractive book to readers our age (17-18), because somehow, most of us have been through what Chance is going through right now. Whether it is a broken home, or problems at school, we are all like Chance in some way. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future of this book.

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