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June 3, 2009

The Future

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?The Future Reminds Me Of Space, Who Knows What Mysteries It Will Hold?

?The Future Reminds Me Of Space, Who Knows What Mysteries It Will Hold?

High School is over, or close to it. The real world is upon us. There will be no more teachers to guide us the right way anymore. Once we enter that real world, there’s only two things guiding us, ourselves and faith. Other than that, we are one young adult, in a very big world of opportunity. I really don’t feel like looking back upon my years of high school, because it is in the past. Though some times were tough, and some times were fun, it is the past, and now, I need to focus on the future, a great future. My future after high school.  In my opinion it does look promising.

Through high school, I loved the subject of English. It was my all time favorite subject. I love to write is the reason why. I could write about anything in essay form, it wouldn’t matter what topic, I could turn it into an essay. I plan on taking this shall I say gift, and turning it into something great, by becoming an English professor for a college.  My goal is to go to ECC south for two years than transfer up for four years somewhere else. My plan is to get a doctrine in the field of English and hopefully tech in a college university somewhere where I can spread my gift of writing to the future of America. My unique writing style which consists  of writing what you feel, and not what is required on the sheet of paper with directions. Mind you that is important, but write it your own unique way, the way that will get you to succeed, more from the heart than the brain.

The next step pasted being a great professor in college would be to raise a family of my own. One of my life goals, to meet my other half, one that will love me for me, one that I can tell anything to without being criticized, one that I will love and respect more than any other in this world, and one that i can hold in my arms and call my angel. Yes, I want to find my other half, my one true love, my wife. I hope that I can find her while I am still in college, and get to know her very well before I get married. I will know when when it is the right girl, because you can tell when you are inseparable based on how you talk. If you can even finish each others sentences, know what one another is thinking, you know that the love is true. That’s what I am waiting and hoping to find.

Ten or even twenty years from now, aside from being an English teacher and a husband, I hope to have a family by then, and also used my gift of knowing the lord to have become a youth pastor to teach teenagers about Jesus Christ. I wish to have a house, not too big, just big enough to fit a family. I still plan on being in Buffalo, just the fact that the city here has grown so attached to me, I don’t think I could move away forever. The one thing I hope for most is, no matter what the road or what God has in store for my future, I just hope it is a fullfilling one.


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