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December 13, 2008

Losman Starts His Second Straight Game

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Now The Bills Starting Quarterback Once More, Jp Losman Looks To Keep The Bills Slim Playoff Hopes Alive When He And His Team Go On To Face Brett Favre And The Jets In Week 15.

Now The Bills Starting Quarterback Once More, Jp Losman Looks To Keep The Bills Slim Playoff Hopes Alive When He And His Team Go On To Face Brett Favre And The Jets In Week 15.

Well with Trent Edwards still complaining of hurt balls, it looks like Quarterback Jp Losman will get his second start in a row this season. Who here saw this comin, no one, just me, ha. Wow, if you can’t play for two weeks just because your balls got a little banged up, you shouldn’t be in the league. Early in theyear, I supported Edwards, but this is pathetic, come on, Losman may be playing terrible but at least he can take a hit. Edwards I suggest getting out now, because you are gonna be dealing with a lot more injuries down the line, and if you can’t deal with a hurt groin, then you don’t deserve to be starting Quarterback, you don’t even deserve the third string position. Maybe equipment manager would be the best spot for you, just don’t strain yur back, hahahahaha.

In terms of the front office, I still express my same opinion, I still think the Bills should sell the team to Jim Kelly before the old man croaks, and I think our coaching staff, with the exception of Bobby April, sucks. Fire all of them and start off fresh with a whole new team basically. Better then going another 7-9 season next year.


December 8, 2008

!Sell The Bills To Kelly! !Fire Jauron!

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Former Bills Quarterback And Hall Of Famer Jim Kelly Could Be The Savior Of The Bills If He Can Convince Current Owner Ralph Wilson To Sell Him The Team

Former Bills Quarterback And Hall Of Famer Jim Kelly Could Be The Savior Of The Bills If He Can Convince Current Owner Ralph Wilson To Sell Him The Team

I think it is safe to say that enough is enough in terms of the Bills. This is awful. A 5-1 team, top of the AFC East and at the top of the league, goes to a 6-7 record, now 19th in the league, or the bottom half. Awful, absolutly awful. The Bills need to fire Jauron now while their team still has some dignity. I respect Jauron as a person, but as a coach he should stick to a defensive coordinator, because he sucks as a head coach. His record shows and his recent ability to take this team to the playoffs and to even win shows as well. He is awful.

Another thing the Bills have to do is sell, sell, sell!!! Ralph Wilson is so senial. He has no clue what he is doing, and the teams best interest is at the least of his concerns, he just wants the money. But what the hell is he gonna do with it, he’s ninety years old!!! He probably retire from the Bills and die the day after. He has to sell and not to Toronto. That was another big mistake, selling the team rights over to Toronto. That was a horrible move. Now if he doesn’t sell the team before he dies, the team will go on open market and favor Toronto, because they have the billions upon billions to bid with.

The Bills best bet for the future in terms of staying in Buffalo, would be if Ralph Wilson sells the team to Jim Kelly. He I believe would make a great owner. He is young, a former Bills player, great with the team, attends all of the home games, and he would steer the team in the right direction toward the playoffs and eventually even further. He would be the best choice. I heard that there have been talks, and Ralph Wilson even said that he would be willing to sell the team to Kelly in order to keep the team in Buffalo, then why haven’t you done it yet you big DUMBIE!!! I think I speak for everyone, when I say I don’t want to see a franchise that has been here for the past forty years that has been apart of the community for so long, apart of Buffalo for so long, just pack up and move to Toronto. Well, I guess all Buffalo fans can do is just watch and pray that thier team stays here, and hope for the good outcome. C’MON JIM KELLY CONVINCE THAT OLD MAN AND BUY OUR BILLS!!!!!!!!!!! GO JIM!!!!!!!

December 2, 2008

?In Trent We Trust?

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? In Trent We Trust ?

? In Trent We Trust ?

Recently in past weeks, the Bills I believe have put into question whether they can put the trust of their offense into second year Quarterback, Trent Edwards. Can I get an, I told you so. Come on, it was obvious that Trent wasn’t going to last the season. Now they are doing what they did to Losman. Do you really think that the injury they said that Trent suffered during halftime in this past weeks game was real!!??? I highly doubt it. They just probably told him, Hey your playing like crap, and we don’t want you playing in the second half, so they are going to start Losman. Seems ironic.

Just a year ago, Trent took over for Losmans job in the middle of last years season, and they thought he was the savior of the team. Now that people are really seeing him play, the team is resorting back to Losman. Quite ironic. Oh well, the question that is on my mind, and I’m sure I speak for all the Bills fans right now is, ” ?IN TRENT DO WE REALLY TRUST? “

?Is All Hope Lost?

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One Of The Main Keys To A Successful Team, Quarterback, Jp Losman Is An Agressive Quarterback, One The Bills Should Take Advantage Of In The Lineup, Instead Of On The Bench

One Of The Main Keys To A Successful Team, Quarterback, Jp Losman Is An Agressive Quarterback, One The Bills Should Take Advantage Of In The Lineup, Instead Of On The Bench

It seems like just yesterday the Bills were at the top of the league with a record of 5-1. Well I guess that was just a dream. The reason why I say, is because, the Bills looked like they were going to achieve their dreams of making it to the playoffs. Well, the thing about dreams is they are not known to come true. Now, at 6-6, the Bills dreams look like they will be crushed at the hands of another loss and their playoff hopes will be lost for yet another year. Well I guess it was expected. The Bills are a team that are well used to this by now, and the city of Buffalo should be used to a team of losers by now. No matter how good the Bills do, they somehow manage to screw themselves out of the playoffs, every year, hasn’t changed no matter how they do it.

I really think I speak for the fans when I say, that it’s really getting old and the fans are really getting tired of the same outcome every year. Well my opinion is that it is not the players fault. It is the coaches that are supposed to be coaching them’s fault, and the front offices fault. They jolt all the players around, starter, backup, starter, backup, that no one feels safe or comfortable in any position on the team. Its ridiculious!!! Especially the Quarterback position. If you don’t like either Quarterback, then get rid of them both, instead of dumping them back and forth between who starts and who doesn’t. Do you have any idea what that does to a Quarterbacks confidence? It kills it.

I think the Bills need to make some serious changes this off season. Starting with the firing of Dick Jauron instead of extending his contract. He is so emotionless, he shows no concern for the game or the players for that matter. He’s a terrible coach. We need a real coach like Bobby April or John Fox, you know a little more yelling in the locker room, a little more encouragement from the coaching staff. We need an aggressive coach as well. We can’t have a conservative coach, but an aggressive staff, it don’t mix. We need better coaching. We also need to get back the services of Marv Levy. He brought some character to the game and to the Bills. We need a real GM. Or maybe get him as a REAL coach. Another thing we need that is just as important is we need an aggressive Quarterback.

Not that I don’t like Edwards, he has fantastic defensive read, and has great accuracy, but the reason why I am a Losman fan and always will be is because he is an aggresive player. We need to get the whole system on the same side in order to produce wins for the team, and points in games. Bottom line, Losman may not be the guy, Edwards may not be the guy, but we need to find “the guy” and quick. An aggressive Quarterback that has the ability to move the ball, has a great arm, great accuracy, and can read defenses. Then maybe the offense will produce some points and in turn get some wins. This offseason, the Bills have a lot of work to do, and based on this years sloppy performance so far, they better start ASAP, and don’t stop until ALL the kinks on the whole team are fixed. This football team can’t afford a bigger playoff drought then what thay already have. They need to get back on the board and get into the post-season.

November 21, 2008

?My Name, What Does It Mean?

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Israel, 10th Century BC. King David takes command of Israel; the Israelites finally get their long awaited freedom. Although he was not the perfect person, he was the second greatest king ever in Israel’s history. King David, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it. Okay, you might have figured out by now, my name is David, but im no King of Israel, I wasn’t even named after him, but heh, its pretty cool to have the same name as a king, right?

No, I was named after my uncle David. He is from Connecticut. He comes from a great Italian family, goes back very far, come to find out, I come from the Italian mob, well sort of. Some of my early family roots come from the Italian mob. One in particular that I know for sure is my great great grandfather, Joseph Donnarummo. He was a member a one of the great Italian mobs, whose name is disclosed at this time, he was one of the great hit men for the leader of that mob, until he was murdered by one of the leaders other henchmen.

But, my roots aren’t only of the mob. I come from great Italian people who still live great Italian lifestyles. I have an aunt down in Connecticut, she’s 87! An uncle that is 91! They still make their own wine!

To more closer family roots, my family that lives here has two sides, and believe me, you can tell. There are the Fosters, which is my real last name, my dads side, the Irish side. Then there are the Donnarummo’s, my mom’s side, the Italians. Sometimes I wish there were a little more Irish in me, but according to my grandparents, Italian is my heritage, no other. My moms side of the family is great, they share in great Italian customs and lifestyles and traditions. Its great, but sometimes I wish they would accept change, or more than one thing. My dads side of the family, they don’t really have that togetherness that an Italian lifestyle would have. Nevertheless, however, they do see each other, and when they do, they share their own traditions and styles of cooking which I could die for. Meat and potatoes, hell ya!

Getting back to my name, in my opinion, even though I have never gotten a straight answer from my parents, I feel it comes from many different aspects of history, family and biblical. I feel my name is special in its own unique way, and no one can take that feeling away from me. I wouldn’t trade my name for any other name in the world. My parents chose this name based on family, and I respect them for that, it wasn’t because I was named after King David that my name was chosen, but I respect my parents for choosing my name the way they did anyway. My name is very important I believe to the survival of my family heritage and the family itself, both Italian and Irish. I believe that my name will be carried on by my family for future generations, for the family, to them; David is a very important name in the family.

I really don’t think I share my name with many famous people accept David Blaine, and David Foster. David Blaine is a death stuntman, and street magician on the side. David Foster is my exact name that I share with a famous director, producer, and music producer.

Overall, I really enjoy my name, I was named after a family member, I am roots of the Italian mob, I have the same name as the Israeli King, and of some other famous people. That’s good enough for me, bottom line; I wouldn’t trade my name for any name in the world. I like David.

November 17, 2008

The American Dream

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What is the American Dream? A question that has been on peoples minds since America was founded. What is the perfect American Life, aka: the American Dream. Some may say, having millions of dollars, an awesome house, a brand new car, like a Benz or a Viper, anything you want, and the hottest wife you ever laid your eyes on. No wonder they call it a dream.

Some may say they want to find their soul mate, get into a nice cozy affordable house, and get a good job. After that, get a nice car and have kids, have a nice family and have that happily ever after type thing. That’s cool too. Others see the American Dream simply as getting a job, and getting through the week. To them, as long as they keep going, that’s more than a dream, that’s a miracle in itself.

As for me, the American Dream would be having a nice house, and a nice car. Have a lot of money, not millions, just enough to live comfortably for the rest of my life (at least a lot more than my parents), and to find the perfect girl to settle down with and have a family with. I would want to get a job coaching football, high school, college, eventually NFL, wouldn’t matter how long it took, as long as I would be doing a job that I loved and coaching a sport that I loved. To me that would be my idea of the American Dream.

Good house, good job, perfect wife, great family, and great life. Just getting by trying to get up to my dream is going to be a challange, but everyone including myself, if they put their minds to it, and if they commit to it hard enough, will be able to achieve their American Dream. I know that until I know it is literally impossible, I will never give up on my American Dream until the day I die.

November 4, 2008

!Bills Offensive Line Crumbling!

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Jason Petrs And The Bills Offensive Line Look To Get Back On Track Next Week Against The Patriots After Two Non Convincing Performances From The Bills Offensive Line

Jason Peters And The Bills Offensive Line Look To Get Back On Track Next Week Against The Patriots After Two Non Convincing Performances From The Bills Offensive Line

Well the Bills lost again this week and loose their undefeated streak at home. They lost to the New York Jets. Again, a lot of people would blame Trent Edwards for the lose because of all the offensive mistakes made by our starting quarterback, but I place the blame again on our struggling and crumbling offensive line.

Jason Peters taking his easy way out with a “holdout” having no playing experience in the offseason, the Bills staff chooses to start him, a cold player, who gave them a problem. I wouldn’t start him if he bribed me 10 million dollars. He is not a key to the teams success at all this year.

Count all the injuries to the o-line and to the rest of the team and we look like a team two years ago, not a team that started off 4-0. We can’t stop the run on defense, and we are struggling on all cylinders on offense. I really think we need to put back Kirk Chambers in the lineup at left tackle, he was doing just fine until they pulled him.

We need to play more aggressive offense, rather than dumping off the pass every time. We need to play shotgun more, instead of the I formation, so we give Trent Edwards more time in the pocket. He has a quicker release than Losman so he should be great, we jus need to play more agresive shotgun plays, and take more shots into the endzone.

We also need to play more aggressive defense. We let teams run all over us. We let running backs go right through us. Same with wide receivers. we got to put a lot more pressure on the quarterback, we need to cover tighter, and we need o stay zone for the run plays and for those shorter pass plays. Overall, the team is falling apart, especially the o-line, we need to get back on track, hopefully next week will be better. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 28, 2008

Not Edwards Fault For The Miami Loss

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Bills Look To Go 6-2 When They Face The Jets At Home In Week 9

Bills Starting Quarterback Trent Edwards Looks To Take His Bills To A 6-2 Season Record When They Face The Jets At Home In Week 9. With A Win Against The Jets, Edwards And The Bills Look To Move Back Into First Place In The AFC East.

This passed Sunday, the Bills fall to a 5-2 record and out of first place in the the AFC East. They lost to the Miami Dolphins. They failed to squish the fish. Looking at the game again, it would look like it was all Edwards fault. I say no.

I put the blame on the o-line. Especially the lazy performance of Jason Peters. He let Joey Porter and other Dolphins go right in and cost Edwards two fumbles. You expect the guy to have eyes in the back of his head? Jason Peters took the easy way out by saying that he wanted a bailout in the offseason, but as soon as the regular season came along, Peters says, no, I just wanna play. Thats not pro bowl material, thats just amatuer. I thought we were doing just find with Kirk Chambers as our left tackle. As soon as Peters came back its been going down hill for the o-line since then. They let the opposing defenses roll right past em. My opinion ditch Peters for a couple of games like he ditched us, show him whats what. Then when he decides to commit to the team and put in 100 percent he can come back and start at left tackle.

Other then the interception, and the extention that Edwards tried on fourth down that ended up being a fumble, I really don’t blame him for the loss. The team as a whole played poorly. We had plenty of chances to get into the endzone and we failed.

Our defense failed to stop Chad Pennington. Cmon. When he was on the Jets, the guy was nothing for six years, he comes to a team that went 1-15 the previous year, and all of a sudden he’s a superstar. ITS CHAD PENNINGTON! HE SUCKS! Oh well I just hope that the Bills can rebound against the Jets next week. Were coming back home, were undefeated at home so far, so we should win (knock on wood).

October 17, 2008

Fosters Future

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There are a lot of people who are set stone on their future. Yet there are some who are yet to decide on what they want to become after high school. I feel like one of those people. My future at first I looked at it pretty set in stone. I wanted to be a Boarder Patrol Officer, and work up in Canada, or in some airport, because I love airline and I love to fly. Then I would earn a pension after I retire, in 20 odd years or so.

The thing was, the more I thought about it, the more I began to relize, this may not be the field for me. I began to feel like one of those kids who has his parents tell him where he is going to college and what he is going to do. I don’t want my parents telling me how to set my future, its my future, right? I want to do a field of work that I love, I’m sure everyone does.

I began to relize, that as I worked for more people, I loved to talk and sell, so maybe I could be a businessmen. I love the game of football, I don’t know if people like it, but I love to be the boss, so maybe ’cause of my seizure condition, I can be a decent football coach in the future.

There are so many different possibilities, not just one field. I would love to go catch the bad guy in a badge and uniform, but it just doesn’t feel like the field for me. Whatever my future holds in store for me, I hope its the best. I hope everyones future is the best it can be.

One more thing, its your future, don’t let your parents choose it for you, they can lead you in the direction, but don’t let them tell you what you are going to do for the rest of your life. Its your future, YOU CHOOSE WHATS BEST FOR YOU!!

October 14, 2008

Trent Edwards “A OK” TO PLAY

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In most recent news, aka: Mondays Buffalo Newspaper, Buffalo Bills Quarterback, Trent Edwards has been physically and mentally cleared to play on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. Edwards had suffered a concussion two weeks before at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals.

The bye week had come at a great time for the Bills at a chance to regroup their starting Quarterback, and a chance to regroup the team as a whole. Roscoe Parrish had also suffered from and injury and is expected to play against the Chargers. He had torn a ligament in his thumb and was out for four weeks due to this.

Personally, I like Losman, but I see the future of the Bills in the hands of Trent Edwards. He has the potential to be a great starting Quarterback for the Bills. I believe Losman has the potential, but will make a great fit elsewhere. We screwed him too much. He needs a fresh start.

In terms of Edwards, I wish him the best, and I hope he can play more aggresive football.  I hope Roscoe comes back too. We can sure use him on special teams. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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